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Shipping and delivery

1. Delivery time and cost

· Delivery time in mainland China is 7 working days. Different cities have different delivery times, please refer to the specific delivery information of the website.

· Due to the complexity of international logistics, the specific delivery time of each package will be different. We work closely with logistics partner companies to minimize the impact of customs delays on you.

· Products in the same order may be shipped separately. The reason is: in order to receive the goods as soon as possible, we will immediately deliver the goods in stock for you, and the temporarily out-of-stock items will be sent separately after the new goods are put into storage. In addition, because some of the goods are located in different warehouses, they also need to be shipped separately.

2. Free post policy

At present, the order amount of the website is over 350 RMB, which is the postal policy for mailing to mainland China. Please refer to the official website update information for specific policies.

3. Tariffs and other taxes

Our product prices do not include any customs duties and other taxes.

Customs collection of import duties is a matter of spot check probability, we can not predict whether your goods need to pay customs duties. It is recommended that you contact the local customs and check the specific tax amount.

4. Delivery restrictions

Due to international trade agreements and regulations, we must comply with specific shipping restrictions. At present, we are unable to transport pressurized or flammable products by air, so all orders containing fragrance, nail and spray products will not be shipped to mainland China. In addition, some special brands have brand mailing restrictions, and the specific product delivery destination restrictions may change from time to time.

We understand that delivery is a vital step in your buying experience, so we make sure to choose the best partners in international customs clearance. Our end-to-end delivery in China is EMS-Global Post Express.

All package information can be queried according to the tracking number provided by EMS starting with “EA”

Shipping instructions

Only the first express delivery package. All orders on this site are direct mail in the UK. Due to the time difference between China and the UK, all orders will be issued within 3 working days.


Please carefully select and fill in the address information when submitting the order. Once the order is submitted successfully, it cannot be modified. If the product is not returned because it is returned by the customer, the customer must bear the return shipping cost.

China mainland distribution information

Delivery method Delivery fee (RMB: Yuan)

Standard delivery The one-time consumption amount is below RMB 350 yuan and RMB 70 yuan.


Free delivery The one-time consumption amount is above RMB 350 (including 350 yuan) 0.00


Expected delivery time reference

Beijing 4-5 working days Jiangsu 5-6 working days Zhejiang 5-6 working days


Guangdong 5-6 working days Shanghai 5-6 working days Other provinces 5-6 working days


Delivery inquiry

Before the parcel arrives in China

You will receive an order confirmation email after the order is placed. After the goods are delivered, you will receive an email with a 20-digit order inquiry number starting with “HUT” and you can check the logistics information at TRAKPAK. TRAKPAK Website:

All package information can be queried according to the tracking number provided by EMS starting with “EA”

Dutch Post

After clicking “VIEW POSTAL TRACKING”, the next page displays the number after “BARCODE NETWORK PARTNER” as the EMS mail number/inquiry code.

Spanish Post

The number that begins with the letter EK after the Tracking Number is the EMS mail number.


After the parcel arrives in China

You will receive a 13-digit enquiry number starting with “EA” from EMS “Global Post Express” and you can check the local information on the EMS official website. EMS website:

China Post Express Logistics nationwide unified customer service telephone 11183, you can call for business consulting, mail inquiries and complaints and other related services.

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